kurobasu eyes pt 1 ✖ miragen
kurobasu eyes pt 1  miragen

Your power will only grow. [x]

Mikasa can easily lift 3 boxes, while Eren..

kyoukai no kanata  winter scenery


My copy of the Animate cover edition of LSW arrived today yayayayay 
high res scans  → front | back | MF [zip] 

The Four Magi art by「雪華 

Pixiv ID: 20470316Member: 米栗
Pixiv ID: 20470316
Member: 米栗


Hey guys!! I’m happy to announce that my commissions are now OPEN! 

I finally had the time to sit down and format a post with some art for Tumblr!

Please read my Deviant Art commissions journal for more info if you are interested. INBOX me on Tumblr with what category of commission you want and I will reserve a slot for you! I currently have 6 of 10 slots open.

Even better, if you DO have a deviant art, please comment on the journal to reserve yourself a slot!

Thank you everyone and I’m excited to make art for you!!! ♥♥

If you are not interested in a commission, if you could signal boost this post I will be eternally grateful! 



Snap chat adventures

These made my day honestly.